Our Sweet Story

Welcome to Yan's Candy, your one-stop destination for all your confectionery needs! Founded in 1915, we are a fourth-generation, family-owned and operated business with a long-standing history in Hong Kong. We provide a range of traditional coconut candies, mouth-watering snacks, and delicious desserts, all with a modern twist to satisfy your sweet tooth and boost your well-being.

It Started in Malaysia 

Anytime a coconut washes ashore, it finds root and grows quickly. Our grandfather, Yan Lun-lap observed this phenomenon. He began experimenting with delicious and Nutritious coconut recipes to capture its essence for natural sweets, snacks, and treats. Pretty soon, people from all around gathered to experience theincredible creations after he travelled from Malaysia to establish Yan Chim Kee in Hong Kong.

Building a Hong Kong Coconut Legacy 

Through hard work, creativity, and innovation, our grandfather used the natural sweetness of coconut to craft mouth-watering candies, sweets, and various other delicious items that rapidly grew in popularity with local customers. The welcoming aroma of freshly made coconut products and the comforting wellness of the sweet morsels was a smash hit, creating a legacy that is still treasured every time a customer visits our numerous trade booths or online store

Blending Cultural Heritage with Today’s Market

Bringing the beautifully crafted power of our grandfather’s recipes to today’s fast-paced marketplace has been a wild success. The herbal benefits of our natural coconut products offer sweet nourishment with a warm, spicy scent and flavour that is equally comforting as healing. Every part of a coconut can be blended, changed, and infused to nourish our bodies. With Yan’s Candy Store, you get a nourishment boost designed to pamper your system and satisfy your cravings.

Time to Explore Our Candy & Snack Shop

At Yan's Candy, we are committed to using only the finest natural ingredients in our products. We understand the importance of good health and well-being and offer a range of natural, vegan, non-GMO, and artificially sweetened candies. Our flavours are passed down from parent to child, with each generation further building the trust of our many return and referral customers. We are proud to have fantastic clients all over the world enjoying our delicious treats!